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Foreign Legion Photo Album
Please read (new 27 feb)


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A couple of things... As I said, I tooks thousabnds of photos in my time in the legion, and more or less gave almost all away to the guys on them because I still had the negatives. Then I lost the negatives and was left with a couple of hundred photos.
Now I have found the negatives (after 5 years !!) and am thinking of having them all redone and making a CD with them on. It would allow much better photo quality and there are some really good phots (lots of them).
It would just be a disk with between 300-500 good legion shots (Gulf war, Tchad, Zaire, Central Africa, Training, Drinking, weapons etc.) It is going to cost me a bomb to get all the photos redone and I have just had to lay out a ton of loot for a new computer.
I would estimate the disk would cost between $20-25.
Before I start making the big step, how many would be interested ?
Please mail me so I can get a rough count..

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