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Militaria collection
Whats new (26th Jan)?!?


Whats new (26th Jan)?!? | A helmet story | Torpedo Bomber | Torpedo Bomber2 | Naval Aviator | Naval Aviator2 | Büchler:War Begin | Büchler:Narvik | Stuka Pilot | some favourite Jackets | Other nice Jackets | WW1 EK docs | WW1 Post cards | Field Photos | Studio Photos | Interesting single documents | Related Links | Contact Me

I will try and update as often as possible so keep an eye on it.

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I have opened a second site, Its a pain in the ass uploading photos to tripod, after a certain amount your screen just sticks. Anyway, the second site is here.....

24th Okay, the Torpedo Bomber is almost finished, the naval Aviator is closed for now as well, the helmet pics are missing... basically I would have done a lot more if the tripod picture file did not keep going crazy on me. I have good intentions of adding a lot of text some time in the near future.

The 22nd of Jan, most of the naval Aviator group is up, just text missing. A single page about a helmet and the start of a Torpedo bomber page.

Ok, 20th Jan, its the Naval Aviator group , still not finished with it, maybe on Sunbay I will get the rest of the stuff up there.
19th Jan, 2nd update.... i completed the stuka pilot page, made a page for interesting single bits of paper and created a photo board cálled quickstrike to use as a pastboard for forum posts.

19th Jan:I added the EK and Destroyer badge under the title Büchler;war begin.

I finished the Büchler:Narvik page, it should have been the 2nd, but I wanted it to answer a posting on the forum. I have also started a page on a stuka Pilot I have, but that is far from finished.

Jan 17th- At the moment its all new, but even there I have changed a lot around in the first few days, better and larger pics for one.
I am working on some new goodies.
By the way... have you visited the forum ?
If not try it, its a way of life...

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