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Torpedo Bomber2


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Abrahams German crosses

A short note before you admire the medals of a brave man... We cannot judge the actions of people who fought in a war we only read about, but the following, from the date, place, weight and type of ship, is very probably one of Abrahams victories

(January 7, 1943) The Ben Line 7,152 ton passenger/cargo ship sunk north-west of Algiers by enemy aircraft. She was carrying 389 men of a Motor Transport unit and a crew of 74, from the Clyde to Bona, North Africa. The Benalbanach was hit by two torpedoes launched from enemy aircraft. The ship caught fire, blew up and sank almost immediately taking the lives of 57 crewmembers and 340 troops. Her commander, Captain MacGregor, died in the water just as he was about to be rescued.

We cannot take the laurels from a brave pilot, but lets not forget the cost they were earned at.








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